Sebastian Pintea

Jewellery Design

 – Creating jewllery that matters – 

bees in gold holding pink flower
black berry bracelet with spider
bespoke cross in white gold
fairy necklace in silver bespoke award wining jewellery
The Pianoring in gold and silver
Bespoke yellow gold earrings with sapphires
Geodome poison cocktail ring in gold and silver

Bespoke jewellery’s special.

A way of connecting with eternity. 

Your intent made everlasting. 

Perfection is rare to come by, creating jewellery gives me that opportunity. Commissioning a bespoke order can be for any kind of artefact that needs detailed design.  The best way to go about having something made for you is sharing what to draw inspiration from.  The result will be a truly unique item with your personal touch to it. I’ll fuse your ideas into something that will endure and be handed down for generations.

Jewellery items are anchor points in our day to day lives that bridge our inner and outer world.