The important thing is to give yourself plenty of time.
Making something yourself or having someone else make something for you is always a special way to show your appreciation and sentiments to the ones you love. Or perhaps you’ve been longing to have something for quite some time and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get it. This summer I got a commission to make a silver necklace that my client wanted to wear on a daily basis. She showed me two similar paintings that were very dear to her and wanted something made based on them along with having an amber stone incorporated into the piece.
Once the jewelry piece was finished and I sent it off to her I was surprised to hear that she was going to put it away and make it a Christmas online game gift for herself. What a great idea I thought to myself feeling both a bit puzzled and honored to be part in a way of someone’s Christmas celebration which is always for most people and intimate time of the year.

While discussing this with an acquaintance an interesting topic came up. She was telling about alternatives to conventional medicine. Normally I would not have considered this at all but she was really raving about it. I think in the future if I have a common ailment I’m going to weigh my options instead of running straight to the doctor. If you would like to research this topic further, you can review here.

Butter fly Painting

Amber Fairy Necklace


The months running up to Christmas are always the busiest for us jewelers this includes all of the lines of production so sometimes manufacturing times get a bit longer. Ordering a bespoke piece of jewelry now in mid-November is about perfect timing to have LoL it ready and with you before Christmas.


Bespoke jewelry pieces are never a straightforward thing as they in a way seek to become part of the wearers body if they’re intended to be worn day in and day out therefore they need to really feel comfortable. Right now I’m waiting for Christmas to pass so that I can hear back from my client to know what (if any) changes can be made to the necklace to have it feeling just right.

Had I known that she was going to put it away to use as a Christmas present for herself I would have omitted to tell her that I put glow in the dark enamel on league of legends the back of the amber stone so that it has a soft glow when day turns to night and leave that as a surprise for her to discover!

Amber helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy. It aids manifestation, eases stress by clearing phobias and fears, and it is a lovely warm stone to wear.

amber stone


I am looking forward to exploring the potential of glow in the dark, phosphorescent jewelry in the future. I will keep you posted about any new projects linked to this topic as I think it’s suitable now as we move towards the darker part of the year and we need more light to keep the spirits high.

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