Today I will get the casting of my latest design commission. It is to be a gift from a woman to her man. Originally we started the conversation around the Yin Yang ring but it turned out that he would not be able to wear a ring much due to his work so then we decided to turn the design into a pendant. She wanted a couple of Japanese kanji symbols incorporated into the design and since we were now quite clearly stepping away from the already made design into the territory of a completely tailored piece, she asked me if I could make the pendant have two owls around the Yin Yang symbol. The image I was sent was really beautiful and she said it meant a lot to them. I can only imagine the story behind it but I love to be able to be a part of peoples inner journeys and personal mythologies in this way!


The kanji was the symbols for Eternity and Love, which we fitted underneath the owls. I immediately recognized the kanji for Love, having myself spent some time drawing it by hand on a piece of paper which I stuck unto my drinking bottle. Words contain power, the intent and vibration behind them when they are intoned obviously, but alsothe energy their physical shape carry when written and the combination of letters that compose them. L O V E – just seeing that combination has an effect on our psyche. What effect does seeing these words/symbols in a perhaps unknown language have on you?

Eternity & Love



I find there is a sense of harmony behind these kanji symbols when I look at them and maybe my subconscious connects to the reservoir of emotions and interpretations of all the people who do know how to read them and are looking at them right now, this very second there has to be at least 100 Japanese people reading one of them !? In any case, water speaks all languages. Most people today are aware of Dr Masaru Emotos water crystal research but perhaps not so many have taken the time to really ponder the ramifications of these discoveries to how deeply interconnected reality actually is.


Getting back to the original topic of bespoke jewellery. Here below you can see part of the design process and the different stages, from sketch, to casting to eventually a finished piece…this I will be working on this coming week of December. Check back later to see the end result.


Science is now discovering that there is a link between our DNA and the way we communicate. Our environment impacts on our DNA which in turn impacts on our language and this is why they sound different on different parts of the planet, it is not random. A Russian science team led by Pjotr Garjajev found that human language can in turn influence DNA through a frequency interaction. I myself speak 7 different languages and I distinctly feel how my entire persona changes by interacting in different languages. We must also keep in mind that over 70% of our body mass is fluid.  I think DNA can be likened to a transmitter-receiver of information and when we speak we are creating fields of information that can be interpreted by animals, plants, water… everything really. Every thought, every action ripples out on the ocean of eternity.