I have recently returned from helping out to clear several tons of burnt metal after a big fire at The Sacred Living Earth Trust in the Scottish Highlands. We had to ferry it all across the loch to the skip and then bring back an 18 m agricultural building to replace the sheds that went up in smoke.


It was impressive to see how much big solid items of metal were distorted and oxidized by the immense heat. After having studied metal craft at uni for three years, working in the midst of so much metal rubble my mind was constantly coming up with ideas of what the new items could be made out of the old. The colors were also quite intriguing. I saved two pieces that used to be part of the generator that I am thinking of polishing up and making necklaces out of filled with glow in the dark enamel. Of course I will keep much of the pattern created by the fire on them.

We had beautiful weather and even though the work load was massive we kept the spirits high.

I came back with a new friend in form of the Wolf-dog Aurora and fresh cooking inspiration! I am now going to add fermented dosas to my diet, turbo charged with tumeric root and coriander seeds.

All you need to make these and other health promoting fermentation experiments is a Pickel-It-Kit from Navi Organics: