I wanted to share this in my journal. A lovely post a customer wrote and shared on Facebook. I can totally relate to how it feels when something special has gone missing, I need to drop everything I am doing to make sure the item is safe, of course were it a CAD design I could just 3D print it again, unless the file has been deleted x_X !

In any case this bespoke jewellery commission was made by hand and not on the computer. Check out the making of photos at the bottom.

 The ultimate panic when my eternity rings in silver and gold were lost this morning… I wear them everyday and it’s one of the best – and few – investments I’ve ever done. Custom made jewellry by the faboulous Sebastian! ?The other investment is a Grand piano… So in comparison, I think you’ll all understand just how great this is. If you’re thinking about it – I’ll encourage you to act. It’s a true treasure to enjoy every day!!!…and yes, the rings were found!


Making of a ring and other infinite things:

In the beginning all was chaos

The ends of the chaos were soldered together

Infinity was then hammered into place

And the infinite universe was born