I have been hard at work at Pruden & Smith over the last year, I made more than 200 models for them and now I’m putting CAD on the back burner and about to change my career towards diamond setting to get a new skill under my belt… currently saving up to buy all the equipment.

The last design of 2018 was a lovely Art Deco diamond ring designed by Gina Melosi, mounted and set by Marek Machlowski and CAD modeled by me. Q- branch did the casting and we managed to complete the job just in time for it to be sent to Nigeria for the big day!  As you see below it needed to be cast in four parts for it to work to get the quality right on the stone setting. Big up to Marek, self thought and  one of the best in the UK! Hope to be his equal at the diamond setting craft in a few years time!