Bespoke Jewellery Design Commissions

The bespoke jewellery design commissions I get are very varied. Browse to gather inspiration. Here are some jewellery design pieces that others have asked me to design for their loved ones, for special occasions and of course many other personal reasons. Some clients have asked for their jewellery design not to be reproduced while others are happy to let others buy the jewellery design that they originally ordered for themselves.

bespoke jewellery design


On her way back home from the airport in Sweden my partner lost her engagement ring. She was putting on cream on her hands when the ticket inspector came past. Not realizing the ring had been taken off and that it had fallen on the floor she left the train without it! Fortunately for us we sent and email to the guys at the Arlanda Express and offered a reward to anyone who might have returned it. In few days we got it back from one of the cleaners who in fact was about to get married himself. They loved the ring and wanted one just like it. Said I would create something very similar but not an exact copy of the mermaid ring which they found. I based the concept around the Persian Goddess Anahita and drew inspiration from ancient stone statues of her as I wanted a theme to suite the couples ancestry and mythology. It was set with a beautiful pink tourmaline in 18ct yellow gold.



A nice delicate design with 34 diamonds and a birth stone. Band is about 1.7mm wide. Personally engraved message inside. “A journey with A” as both names of the coople start with A !

bespoke jewellery design


This bracet of linked drops was one of the first items I made. It is plated with black rhodium. After a year or two of wear the black plating will come off to expose the silver shiny undeneath it.  

bespoke jewellery design


A London based customer asked me if I could do a bespoke design in the form of a replica of ring Hendrix used to wear on his pinky but bigger. We found beautiful turqoiuse stone that I polished the shine off to give it a more rustic aged look.

bespoke jewellery design shell in silver


The shell was commissioned for Sheila Ross by her daughter, her is what she said about it:  “This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.   This peice of jewellery was just a concept in my mind and you have made it a reality that is beyond anything I would have dreamed of in terms of beauty.  I’m so looking forward to giving this gift this Christmas.   Thank you so much Sebastian”  R A London 2012

bespoke jewellery design rose gold wedding band


This ring for was for lucid dreaming pioneer and auther Dr. Rory MacSweeney who wanted to have “True North” engraved inside his wedding band. It is made in 14kt rose gold. The silver plated section in the middle represents the horizon and the blue sapphire the north star.

bespoke jewellery design gold earring with sapphires


Godfrey Devereux, originator of The Dynamic Yoga Training Method, commissioned me to use his initials seen on the red and white image to create a couple of gold rings and earrings for him.

bespoke jewellery design gold cross with gems


The owner of this crucifix wanted to redesign and recycle an old white gold cross he had stacked away at home. He wanted it to have an Italian Renaissance feel mixed with a Mexican style decoration. Below you can see part of the design process. The fianal result is this striking 18kt white gold cross set with aquamarines and amethysts priced at just under two thousand pounds sterling.

bespoke jewellery design alteration garnet set


This black leather cuff with a big lion head in the center need to be improved. The owner wanted to have stones and studs added to the cuff so I designed this setting holding 10mm square garnets that can be attached to leather easily by using round studs.

bespoke jewellery design


I was walking back from the bullion and scrap gold shop one day in Brighton (I had just moved to Brighton) and saw a jewellery shop. The owner Julian said he had a CAD job for me. I came in the next day and looked at his deign. 24hours later the file was ready for casting.

bespoke jewellery design fairy and amber necklace


The summer of 2016 I got a commission to make a silver necklace that was to be worn on a daily basis. She showed me a painting that was very dear to her and wanted something made based on that along with having an Amber Stone incorporated into the piece.

Award wining jewellery design CAD model


After completing my Level 4 Diploma in CAD and Design Communication at Holts Academy in 2013, I was awarded with a price for “Best CAD Design of The Year”. This was one of the final renders that got me that prize.

bespoke jewellery design cad for earrings


Me and William Cheshire have been working together to create avant-garde pieces for  good few years now. I made the CAD  for these beautiful and unusual pair of earrings that headlined his stall at the renowned Goldsmiths’ Fair in 2015.  I am very proud to have been involved in drawing the CAD for many of his other pieces. Visit his shop in Hackney on 14 Broadway Market to see them live.

bespoke jewellery design diamond earrings


A commission for a wedding, set with beautiful diamonds by the professional stone setter Kristina Johansson in Sweden who asked me to draw them up on CAD and cast them in 18kt white gold for her.

bespoke jewellery design cuff links in silver clan sheild


Cuff-links in sterling silver with the owners clan shield of  embossed on a black oxidized surface.

giant dress ring gold red face
bespoke jewellery design silver yin yang owls


The story behind this piece is really beautiful, read more about it on the journal page…


This client contacted me all the way from Guam which is an island in the pacific! He found my Pianoring online and asked if I could costumize that for him and create rings for his beloved. The star and moon details are on both his and her ring.

bespoke jewellery design


Another stunning design by William Cheshire that I made very early on in CAD for him. Just after I had finished my Level 3 ICCD CAD and Design Communication Diploma in Hatton Garden, back in the days when he had a basement workshop in Black Bull Yard.

bespoke jewellery design


Design is based on the Inkan Cruz Tawana. It is set with aquamarines and tourmalines on all six sides and glows in the dark as it is full of flourecent powder! Made in 18ct white gold and roughly 10g heavy the sale price comes in at about two grand.

CAD modelled by me for other designers such as William Cheshire , Tomasz Donocik, Gina Melosi, Jeremy Son, Julian Stephens

bespoke jewellery design
bespoke jewellery design
bespoke jewellery design